Hannes Buder

guitarist, cellist,
music inventor

Solo Guitar

Hannes Buder’s solo guitar work is an exciting, evocative journey through undreamed of musical
worlds. Influenced by contemporary and classical music, rock and avantgarde jazz, the Berlin
based guitarist and composer experiments with the varied sound potential of the guitar to create
a music that ranges from ecstatic ferocity to fragile beauty. His style is unmistakable and his
compositions dazzle with sentiment and authenticity.
Buder has released four solo albums and performed in Europe, Australia and the United States.

"… wonderfully balanced sound-art, versatile, lively and uncompromising in its musical
character." (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

"... a musical firework, virtuous, rich in variety and profoundly emotional." (Badische Zeitung)


Changes II
Solo Album (Hannes Buder - guitars, harmonium, recorder)
Umlaut Records 2015


"With this solo LP and Download album, guitarist Hannes Buder continues his collaboration with
Umlaut Records after the 2013 duo release "[ro]" with Hannes Lingens. The music finds its
counterpart in the strangely beautiful cover art contributed once again by Michal Fuchs.

It's been almost a decade since Buder's self released solo CD "openyoureyescloseyoureyes". In
these ten years the Berlin based musician performed a few hundred solo shows around the globe,
collaborated with a long list of improvisors, composed for both large and small ensembles and
released several CDs with different bands and projects. Many of these influences found their way
into the music documented on this album.

The disc features compositions and improvisations by the guitarist himself alongside a collection
of lesser known German Folk songs, which reveal themselves as abstract bits of Blues in Buder's
hands. Although most of these pieces were recorded in one take without overdubs, the work is
the result of a long search, a process of trial and error until conditions were satisfied for a clear
and deeply felt statement. Seemingly simple in its appearance, the music unfolds a stunning
complexity the deeper you listen. To make his point, Buder utilizes a diverse array of means:
not only does he treat his 1950s Herbert Wurlitzer guitar with cello bow, effects and preperations,
also a pump organ and a flute can be heard.

In its plain honesty, its clarity and matureness, this recording recalls the great solo guitar albums
of John Fahey, Fred Frith, Derek Bailey, Loren Connors et al. We are witnessing an artists dialogue
with his instrument, he himself being as much a listener as we are. In the intimacy of this con-
versation, the music gets to us unfiltered, pure."

(Hannes Lingens, January 2015)